A Better World

We are many who have a desire to create a Better world. The awakening that is taking place all over the globe shows us that this desire is happening on a large scale.

Our heart and soul consciousness create a better world.


My assertion is that we have focused too much on the external world and pointed fingers at others with condemnation. Religions, governments, ideologis, authorities and other groups claim to have one “ultimate” truth for a better world?

To create a better world everyone have to start with their inner landscape. Creating peace in the world, first and foremost start with creating peace in our heart. The outer world is a projection of our inner world. What we have in our psyche, and how our energetic anatomy system works, is directly affecting everything we do. We have to become the change we want to see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi said. As adults, we are responsible human beings, and above anything else, we have to model the example we want to see in the world. Our biggest responsibility is what we chose to put in our environment. We always have a CHOICE, no matter the situation. We often hear «I had no choice«. Sometimes it can actually look like we have no choice. In these situations, it is our ego consciousness, that blinds us. Ego consciousness and emotional baggage lead to greed, gluttony, pride, envy, lust, wrath, and identifications. This creates war, imbalance, and diseases.

“It all begins from what we create in ourselves”


The most mature thing to do for our children and our descendants is to take responsibility for our wounding and losses. What we see today is that majority of people are carrying a lot of grief and loss. A person who live from his/her loving inner landscape, without suppressed emotions, do not contribute to violence, torture, murder and abuse. We put ourselves on top of each other, and think we are better aware in other people’s lives. When we truly take responsibility, we make the necessary changes inside ourselves. Then we stop creating war, misery and sickness. Everyone who lives with condemnation is capable of violating people. We truly create a better world if we first transform all structure of condemnation. Human beings are connected to everything. We create abundance and happiness form our inner state, and this will reflect back on us. What is essential these days are -responsibility, -courage, emotional intelligence and -higher consciousness.

When we act with low consciousness, we are like caterpillars and zombies, that unconsciously harm our surroundings. We are sleepwalking from our soul consciousness and the bigger picture of the world. The world needs to see a heroic journey, where everyone transforms lower levels of consciousness and condemnation. This is a cooperation project, just like creating good health, where we together create humanity and good health. All of us are connected to one another, to other species, plants, and the whole universe. What we do to others, we also do to ourselves and the whole world. We have to stop killing young human souls. A heroic journey in every country will end the unconscious killing we are witnessing today.

Create a better world by exemplify the change you want to see”.

Gandhi and Soulsister