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Abstract from the Health Bible

Mental disorders are widespread in the population, both in Norway and worldwide. Among young people, there is a rising trend, and suicide is now in the global perspective the third leading cause of death among 15- to 19-year-olds. If you take a deep dive into statistical material, there are very many people in the world, colored with lives of pain, suffering, trauma, and illness. The costs are enormous, both personally, worldwide, and in terms of resources. What if you spent money on mental health instead of mental illness? The intention of the Health Bible is to present a broader perspective on health and human existence. Through awareness, emotions, and contact with our soul, we are able to increase our understanding of ourselves and thereby others. At the heart of understanding ourselves and our fellow human beings, lies the potential to create a better world for everybody. The Health Bible is an expedition; First, we hear about the author’s self-experienced journey into a life marked by bad experiences that culminated in her son opting for suicide. Secondly, we get to know how the author manages to rise again by using alternative, science-based therapies that see human life holistically. We are presented with various aspects of Western medicine and health systems that at times appear to be dysfunctional, and which are seen in the context of political guidelines. At the end of the book, a number of health-promoting exercises present as a roadmap to deep self-insight and better health.

“A book you can´t be careless of. A personal story becomes a common thread for development, insight, and raising consciousness. This is a world where the walls are falling, and old patterns and dogmas are being replaced with new understanding. Spirit, soul, and body become a vibrating unity. Hopelessness replaced with expectation and a roadmap that leads the traveler towards the goal, while at the same time understanding that the journey is the goal. I am proud of the courage that the author shows us. “YES”, there will be many critical voices and trigging of “understanding better than others”-attitude. We are in a paradigm shift where souls have come to earth to be the driving force behind this. We are a soul that creates a body as a tool for the soul. In the same way, that science now recognizes that we are energy-being, we raise our perspective to the magic of creation and acknowledge that we are not confined into a diagnosis of others’ perceptions of who we are. The author shows us who we are, through her own experience, inner wisdom, and a burning heart for people. I believe in her. I look through her eyes. If there is ONE book you should read now, this is the ONE”.
Lilli Bendriss

All human beings are programmed vibrationally and emotionally in our mother’s womb and the first years of our living. Our software program is downloaded into our physical existents. In addition, we have a soul with soul consciousness that guides us from our hearts.

To navigate with two points of consciousness and attraction can be difficult for some of us. What shall we rely on and navigate after? Our programmed egoconsciousness, or our heart and soul consciousness? Our soul consciousness is connected to our essence and truth. There is no ultimate truth that fits everybody, as all of us are unique and want to contribute with our soul gifts. We are all connected through our souls.

What makes people sick is when their ego consciousness gets attached to low vibration emotion. Low vibration emotions are judgments that are rooted in a shame-based society. Ego consciousness attached to pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, lust, and gluttony gives us low vibration emotions.

1) Pride – Puts himself /herself on a pedestal with superiority and condemnation. The opposite is humility.
2) Envy – One does not indulge another human being’s qualities, status, abilities, reputation, or possessions. A person who compares himself/herself.
3) Wrath – Extreme anger. Can be defined as uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and hatred. Often leads to a desire for revenge. May manifest as violence, harm, and hatred provoked over the centuries.
4) Sloth – Mental, spiritual, physical, and bodily state that is expressed as; indifference, neglect, avoidance, carelessness and ignorance.
5) Greed – An excessive selfish desire for, or urge to collect assets, money, food, and possibly combined with excessive thrift at the expense of others.
6) Gluttony – Repetitive greed and getting as much as possible. Refers to excessive over-consumption and waste.
7) Fornication – strong sexual desire, as an act without a spiritual dimension. Exploitation or use of sex to cover up underlying problems.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

Albert Einstein

We have learned that our surroundings determine our emotions and state of being. Epigenetics shows us that our surroundings are programming our genes. If our surroundings contain low vibration, we program ourself, unconsciously, with sickness and early death. Low vibration emotion and stress is damaging and leads to lifestyle-, chronic- and mental illness.  

People with mental and chronic illness are not getting better in the Norwegian health system. Most of the interventions are acute and met by pharmacological medications or other medications. Side effects of medications often give people more challenges and a worse state of health. Hopelessness, powerlessness, anxiety, suicide thoughts, and death are big side effects of medication. We need a revolution of the health system we have today. A revolution that gives people more inner strength and empowerment. When we activate our soul consciousness we switch our inner state to healing and well-being. This is something everybody can learn to do. The first step is to recognize our soul consciousness as a powerful inner guideline, intelligence, and source of happiness and strength. The Healthbible shows YOU how everybody can create well-being from mental and chronic diseases.

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